Are there any hiden fees? In the web hosting industry, pricing is not always what it seems, especially for the novice... Can you offer 'unlimited space'? It's true that some hosts claim to offer 'unlimited' space. The reality is that unlimited space... Do I have to pay for web hosting in advance? The first thing you need to consider when comparing two similarly priced plans is the payment... How do I find the most suitable hosting plan? Before you begin your comparison journey, you have to decide what type of web hosting will fit... How much does web hosting cost? The web hosting industry is extremely competitive, with almost 25 thousand web hosting providers... What are web hosting datacenters? Most major web hosting providers have their own private datacenters, in which all of their web... What does the term "Server Uptime" means? Server uptime is a term used to describe the amount of time that a web server is fully functional... What is a web hosting service? Web hosting is, more or less, an agreement between you and a web hosting service provider that... What is the least expensive type of hosting? If you need a cheap web hosting plan to get started with your online endeavor, then you may want... What's the difference between Shared & Business Hosting? Shared Hosting is a regular low-cost web hosting solution suitable for the vast majority of... Why are web servers important? Web servers are critical elements of the internet, as every web site needs one in order to... Will my hosting account be backed up? We take an automatic backup on a daily basis for all accounts. Customers on our Startup and...
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